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Mirs was founded in 2010. 


Mirs is the brainchild of Los Angeles based filmmaker/musician/artist Amir Motlagh . Motlagh is the son of Iranian Immigrants and first tasted American music & cinema while secretly hiding on a staircase, watching Prince’s Purple Rain.

Since the project's inception in 2010 with the release of the SPIN CYCLE EP, it has morphed into a visual/auditory expression taking cues from cinema and mixing dichotomous conceptual narratives between the music, short films, and art. Motlagh brings along guests included renowned Chapman Stick player Nima Rezai (CANYON EP) to tailor the ever-evolving sonic palette.

To date, the project has released three EP's including 2010's SPIN CYCLE, 2014's MEAT ON YOUR LONELY BONEZ and 2016's visual album CANYON along with a handful of singles through the years, the most recent being, MOONLIGHTING MISSION MAN in late 2017. A short film based on the track is releasing in November 2017.

Before Mirs, Motlagh recorded and produced two albums, A DAY LATE: INSTRUMENTALS FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS in 2007 & MY DARLING DIA in 2008 under the moniker SHANKS AND THE DREAMERS with then partner Art Toussi. That duo recorded a handful of film scores for various projects including the feature film WHALE (2010).

You can find CANYON, along with MIRS discography over at Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, here, and pretty much all other web based streaming/selling platforms.

The Youtube channel which debuts all new film/video content can be found here.

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