Meat On Your Lonely Bonez (EP)


Meat On Your Lonely Bonez (EP)


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EP: Meat on Your Lonely Bonez
Artist: MIRS

Track List:
1. Dtla - 03:55
2. Liza - 03:30
3. Dayz - 09:41
4. Americaz - 05:04

released 04 February 2014

Produced by Amir Motlagh
Instrumentation, Programing, Vocals & Lyrics by Amir Motlagh
Samples: Love & Fashion - Paper City
Art & Max Sessions at The Matrix
Mix: Amir Motlagh
Mastering: Hans DeKline (Sound Bites Dog) 
Art Direction: Amir Motlagh, Ali Sabet
Illustration: Ali Sabet
Publishing & Copyrights 2014 Amir Motlagh / ANIMALS / MIRS

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