A feature-length meditation on life, love, and transitions, centered around a first generation backstory, set to the Mirs & KidGusto album of the same name.

Written and Directed by Amir Motlagh
Music by Mirs + KidGusto

Produced by ANIMALS, TrueGrooves Records, Amir Motlagh, Charles Borg, Pejman Firouz, Ali Sabet


Rainbow Seasons come and go, but when they’re here, life is magic.

The companion feature film to the Mirs & KidGusto full length record by the same name, Rainbow Season, to be released on limited VOD (pre-orders are live) on 07-11-19, followed with a worldwide release shortly following. Project released by ANIMALS.

Cast / Crew

Written & Directed by Amir Motlagh
Produced by ANIMALS, TrueGrooves, Amir Motlagh, Pejman KidGusto, Charles Borg, Ali Sabet
Director of Photography: Amir Motlagh
Original Music from the length album “Rainbow Season” by Mirs & KidGusto


Amir Motlagh                Mirs
Pejman KidGusto KidGusto
Stephanie Lambert      Torrey
Rachel Sciacca Danielle