MIRS constant art Collaborator - Ali Sabet

Funny thing that we've been updating posts about our album art. Over half our cover art has been a collaboration between us and artist Ali Sabet. Last year, we went to Tokyo with Sabet to take care of project stuff.

This year, he went alone and ended up doing a mural at the AIRBNB he was staying at. That particular story is going viral now, with over 30 outlets doing stories on it after the INDEPENDENT ran its story. You can read it here

 Below is a short visual doc of our Tokyo trip last year, which our friend Mahyar shot. He ended up using tracks from CANYON. Solo MIRS makes several short appearances. 


This was MIRS first press photo for the SPIN CYCLE EP released in 2010. At the time, the project was a solo act. This came 6 months after  SHANKS AND THE DREAMERS went on a permanent hiatus. 

The second photo, shot with a potato, was the learning process. 

IMG_0528 2.JPG

Spotify Playlists that include MIRS music

Got wind of several new playlists that include MIRS tracks from the CANYON ep (Sleepless + Streetlight) on Spotify. Two come from online music mainstay, The Music Ninja. Both playlists include some amazing tracks. Give them a play & follow. 

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