Mirs - INfluencer (demo)

A meandering sketch that endeared….

Available to download below (soundcloud / bandcamp):


15 Years Old 
Look up in the sky 
It’s a beautiful sky 
The trees reaching high 
With my new girl 
Cute as can be 
Little "Symphony" 

We're 15 years old, dropping LSD 
Sky High as a kite 
Go to Riverside 
Dance at the rave 
Best play the game 
Music in the days 

That’s what they play 

Little paranoid 
Little insecure 

21 years old 
Got my girlfriend 
Go out to the bar 
Pick up another friend 
Feeling all right 
Have my self some drinks 
Get into a fight 
Blackout through the night 
What am I doing 
With my life, I'm doing 
I don't even know 

A little paranoid 

Little insecure 
Little paranoid 

30 years old 
Up in a grocery store 
Late night 10 / 11 
Got to get some more 

Grab a 12 of beer 
Run out like a thief 

Friends are having fun 
Take an edible I'm on the run 
Look at my friends 
Some of them dead 
Look at my friends 
Many of them dead 

Little paranoid 
Little insecure 

35 Years 
All the apps we got 
Looking at the trees 
Reaching to the top 
Seen all my friends some of them doing good 
Look at my friends, fighting on Facebook 
Look at my friends, fighting on Facebook 
Look at my friends, smiling on Instagram 
They take their pictures 
They have good lives 
Sitting in front of cars 
Sometimes private planes 
Can you fill their hearts 
Selling all they can 
Can you give them hearts 
I'm not here to judge 

Little insecure 
Little paranoid 

Don’t fuck with me, No 
I love you though